PHI Form

Why Should I Volunteer?

Volunteers tell us they receive unlimited benefits serving Alpha Phi. They stay connected to their sisters, give back to their community, and provide mentoring and guidance to collegians similar to what they received as undergraduates. Best of all, volunteering in Alpha Phi adds a dimension and value to their busy lives that mere socializing can't accomplish.

Where Are Volunteers Needed?

You can support Alpha Phi by volunteering as an advisor or house corporation board member at almost any collegiate chapter or with a regional team. Your participation in a local alumnae chapter also presents volunteer opportunities where you can support the Alpha Phi Foundation and other heart health causes. Short term possibilities for service exist with International special projects, committees and task forces. These are just a few ways to utilize your skills and expertise to benefit the Fraternity. No matter one’s age or amount of time available, members from all walks of life can share their knowledge and experience.

How Do I Get Started?

Some alumnae begin right after graduation, and others wait until settling into a career or after their children enter school. Alumnae can volunteer at any point in their lifetime; in fact, some volunteer for a while, take a break, and later return to continue the fun of working for Alpha Phi. Don’t deprive yourself of meeting new sisters and the experience of staying involved! Get started by completing a PHI form to let us know a little about your background and interests; when a position opens that matches your interests your information will be sent to the recruiter for that position.

Alpha Phi is a Wonderful Lifetime Experience! Don’t miss the fun of volunteering.