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Alpha Phi International Fraternity


1930 Sherman Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201
Phone 847.475.0663
Fax: 847.475.6820
Direct voice mail line: 847.475.4786


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*Note: This email address is monitored outside of business hours and may result in a faster response than leaving voicemail.


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Inquiries from our colleagues in other Greek organizations or partnering academic institutions: or 847.316.8943


Inquiries about issues with housing contracts should be directed to the local chapter listed on the contract.  If you need assistance in determining who to contact, you may inquire at:



A note to parents:  Alpha Phi values the involvement of the friends and family of Alpha Phi members.  However, on matters of membership status, discipline, financial issues, and housing contracts, we may only provide details to the collegian in order to maintain a member's right to privacy.  Our discipline processes are confidential and require direct contact with the Alpha Phi member.  Sometimes our members choose not to share all information with their parents, and we respect their choice and their privacy.