Past Presidents

We acknowledge the dedication and service of our presidents, including the most recent who are listed below:
Linda Long Boland (Gamma Kappa-CSU/Long Beach), 2010-2014
Laura Malley-Schmitt (Zeta Phi-MIT), 2006-2010
Crista Cate Vasina (Delta Gamma-Northern Colorado), 2002-2006
Jean Cameron Hahm (Gamma Nu-Miami University), 1998-2002
Linda Gardner Massie (Delta Alpha-East Carolina), 1994-1998
Virginia Burson Struble (Beta Kappa-Denison), 1990-1994
Sally McCall Grant (Gamma-DePauw), 1986-1990
Nancy Wittgen Burks DeVoe (Gamma-DePauw), 1982-1986
Mary Carr Boyd (Gamma-DePauw and Omicron-Missouri), 1978-1982
Phyllis Sims Selig (Gamma Delta-Kansas), 1974-1978

Many of our recent past international presidents were interviewed regarding their experiences and memories about Alpha Phi. While archives holds the original interviews, lasting between 45-95 minutes, edited portions of the interviews are posted here to share with our members and friends.

We thank our past presidents for sharing their recollections and perspectives on a range of topics.


Convention (Total time 1:13)
Past presidents share Convention experiences.

History (Total time 4:08)
The women share their collegiate experience relating to the history of the time.

Leadership (Total time 1:34)
Alpha Phi is committed to women's leadership.

Legacy (Total time 3:04)
Past presidents discuss the legacy of Alpha Phi.

National Panhellenic Conference (Total time 1:30)
Alpha Phi has had various leadership roles in National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) and benefits from collaboration with its other member groups.

Making a Difference (Total time 1:42)
Alpha Phi makes a difference in her members' lives.

Alpha Phi Pride (Total time 2:09)
The women share their best Alpha Phi moments.



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