Scholarship Specialist

Job Title: Scholarship Specialist

Reports To: Program Coordinator, Membership Services

Position Summary:
This volunteer role will help aid the Fraternity by supporting academic endeavors of each chapter. This position was developed from the outcomes of an academic focus group that identified the academic deficiencies that put our chapters at risk. The volunteers will work together to provide the Director of Scholarship with tools and resources to motivate and sustain academic excellence across all collegiate chapters. More specifically the academic specialist will encourage academically underachieving chapters.

Key Job Elements:

Assist in the collection of grade reports from campuses
Identify the chapters that are under-performing academically
Assist with the creation of resources for the Director of Scholarship and Programming and Education

 Advisor to assist members who have not met the GPA requirements
Assist with the implementation of academic programming with chapters
Assist with the creation of resources to help aid members to excel academically
Participate in monthly conference calls with the Program Coordinator of Membership Services or his/her designee.

Knowledge and Experience:
Experience working with students and academics
Understanding of Alpha Phi International Policies and Procedures, with specific focus on academics
Alpha Phi resources and tools, including Officer Portal
Experienced in areas of higher education, teaching, and/or academic focus

Other Skills/Abilities:
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
PC skills and comfort level with Word and e-mail
Ability to work through difficult incidents and reach a collaborative outcomes
Flexible, proactive and self-directed but also able to work well on a team
Ability to identify trends in collegiate academic experience

Estimated time commitment of 5 to 10 hours per month
Must be member in good standing as defined by the Fraternity's Constitution and Bylaws