Collegiate Chapter Manager

Job Title:  Collegiate Chapter Manager

Reports to:  Executive Director

Position Summary:

The primary role of the Collegiate Chapter Manager (CCM) is to provide support and direction to the Collegiate Chapter Administrators (CCA) to ensure key outcomes that drive collegiate chapter health are achieved. The CCM shall collaborate with the CCA and Chapter Advisors in all areas encompassing chapter strength.

She will work with CCA to implement strategies to increase overall chapter health in the following areas:

  • recruiting strength
  • competitive size
  • financial management
  • programming
  • advisory board support
  • competitive safe facility (if applicable)


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Review and approve chapter objectives written by the CCA to ensure achievement of strategic goals and increase the health and vitality of chapters
  • Appoint, cultivate, train and coach CCA 
  • Provide assistance to individual chapters as requested
  • Provide assistance as requested by CCA to ensure each chapter has a well-trained Chapter Advisor, Recruitment Advisor and a Finance Advisor
  • Ensure regular and effective communication with assigned CCA
  • Assist in the duties of the CCA if a vacancy occurs
  • Attend and participate in all CCM related conference calls
  • Complete necessary reports as requested
  • Attend formal training opportunities offered by the Fraternity as requested 


Must be member in good standing as defined by the Fraternity's Constitution and Bylaws

Support the Alpha Phi Foundation with an annual tax-deductible gift as she is able. 


  • Alpha Phi alumnae volunteer experience.



  • Experience in working with collegiate chapters and achieving the vital signs
  • Alpha Phi International Policies and Procedures
  • Phi Select
  • Recruitment Statistics and reporting
  • Excel


Other Skills/Abilities:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skill
  •  Proficient time management skills
  •  Ability to work as a member of various teams
  • Ability to give and receive coaching and feedback.
  • Approachable, diplomatic and open-minded
  • Flexible, proactive, self-directed and results oriented