Collegiate Membership Coordinator

Job Title:                      Collegiate Membership Coordinator

Reports to:                    Director of Collegiate Recruitment

Status:                          Volunteer


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Position Summary:

·         CMC's are responsible for ensuring the growth of collegiate membership in their assigned collegiate chapters.  CMC's will develop a comprehensive member recruitment program for collegiate Alpha Phi chapters in their assigned chapters  that emphasizes growing and maintaining maximum, competitive size on each campus. 



Primary Responsibilities:

  • Train, manage, and act as a mentor and major support for assigned Recruitment Advisors.
  • Build and maintain extensive knowledge of assigned chapter's recruitment activities, Panhellenic policies, and NPC policies.
  • Provide consultative services to assigned chapters as needed.
  • Create and develop strategies appropriate to increase overall chapter recruiting strength.
  • Work closely with IRT Strategy Team, Lead CMC, and fellow CMC's.
  • Participate in CMC activities, CMC team calls, development of materials, sharing of ideas, knowledge, competitive intelligence, etc.
  • Analyze and forecast comprehensive membership trends at the collegiate level.
  • Complete individual chapter recruitment prescriptions within 30 days of RFM Reports being received for each assigned chapter upon completion of annual recruitment process.
  • Gather Polish Week and Recruitment dates from Recruitment Advisors.
  • Orient, manage, and act as mentor and major support for all assigned Recruitment Advisors. 
  • Liaison with Recruitment Advisors to improve membership recruitment process and programs.
  • Enhance Alpha Phi brand recognition and chapter image within the assigned chapters.
  • Participate in the development and dissemination of all membership recruitment materials.
  • Maintain essential records to track and evaluate implemented programs and strategies.
  • Attend annual Regional Conference to facilitate networking, training, self-evaluation and progress reporting on the assigned chapters.
  • Attend Recruitment University and other fraternity meetings as requested. 
  • Work with the Executive Office staff and volunteers to staff special projects as appropriate.


·         Membership in Alpha Phi required

·         2-4 years involvement in Alpha Phi collegiate recruitment


Organizational Relationships:

Working relationships with: 

1.     Other Collegiate Membership Coordinators

2.     Lead Collegiate Membership Coordinator

3.     International Governors

4.     Canadian Resource Coordinators

5.     Regional Team Members

6.     Program Manager, Collegiate Recruitment

7.     Educational Leadership Consultants

8.     Advisory Board Members

9.     Collegiate Recruitment Officers

10.  Greek Life/Campus Professionals

Position Specifications:

Other Skills

  • Detail-oriented, with strong project management skills, and able to manage multiple priorities under deadline
  • Exceptionally well-organized with strong administrative and organizational skills
  • Self-motivated and self-managed
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills



Some changes in the Collegiate Membership Volunteer Structure are currently underway.  Changes to this job description can be expected during the biennium. 



·         Must be member in good standing as defined by the Fraternity's Constitution and Bylaws

·         Support the Alpha Phi Foundation with an annual tax-deductible gift as you are able.



Application process is now closed for 2012 appointments; positions will open for 2014-16 term February 2014.