Housing Specialist (Legal)

Job Title:                     Housing Specialist (Legal)

Reports To:                 Program Manager, Collegiate Housing


Position Summary:


The role of the Housing Specialist (Legal) is to assist in auditing Alpha Phi's local housing corporations for their legal compliance and good standing in their state/locality


Key Job Elements:

  • Research the compliance requirements for each state, and confirm each local housing corporation's good standing
  • Review the bylaws for local housing corporations to ensure their compliance with Alpha Phi policy, as well as with state requirements.
  • When reviewing corporate documents, note deficiencies that need to be addressed with the local housing corporation board.
  • Help identify trends on topics that need training across the organization
  • Assist in revising / contributing to House Corporation Board resources

Position Specifications:


Knowledge and Experience

  • Law degree or supporting coursework
  • Alpha Phi leadership / advisory experience
  • Understanding of Alpha Phi International Policies & Procedures

Other Skills

  • Strong computer skills
  • Ability to navigate state/local legal resources on the Internet
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


  • Estimated time commitment of 5 to 10 hours per month
  • Must be a member in good standing as defined by the Fraternity's Constitution and Bylaws