Housing Volunteer Openings

Housing Volunteer Openings
The tradition of sorority housing is one of the proud legacies Alpha Phi started for women over the past 130 years Alpha Phi has existed.  However, this tradition has survived thanks to the dedication of volunteers who serve as the members of House Corporation Boards (HCBs) or Chapter Property Committees (CPCs) for our chapters with facilities.
Consider joining an HCB or CPC for a chapter near you! 

Benefits to Volunteering for an HCB/CPC
  • Continued involvement with Alpha Phi beyond your undergraduate years
  • Contribute to success and growth for future Alpha Phi collegians
  • Impact success and leadership development for younger members through mentor relationships
  • Deeper connections to chapter members, advisors and Alpha Phi International
  • Relationship building and networking with Alpha Phi alumnae through meetings, conferences and Convention
  • Practice and expand on existing skills such as negotiation, communication, team building, organization etc. for young professionals  
  • Contributing experience to your resume.
Consider volunteering for your local HCB/CPC, especially if you have an interest in any of the following*:
  • Teamwork/Leadership
  • Mentoring young collegiate women
  • Real Estate
  • Human Resources
  • Interior Design
  • Property Management
  • Business/Corporations
  • Financial Planning
  • Architecture/Construction
  • Project Management
Note: Depending on each chapter's facility type and size the range of responsibilities for housing volunteers may vary. *We will train and support anybody interested in volunteering no matter her personal or professional experience.  We also do not require that all HCB positions be local to the facility; some roles can be done remotely or from a distance that only allows for traveling to the facility a few times per year.