Start an Alumnae Chapter

Establishing a new alumnae chapter can be a truly exciting and rewarding process.  Just because there isn't an alumnae chapter in your area doesn't mean there aren't plenty of Alpha Phis to connect with close by.  We're here to assist you and support your new alumnae chapter.  Contact us today to find out more about connecting with your sisters and colonizing a brand new alumnae chapter!

 How can I start a chapter? 

1)      Contact the executive office to examine the possibility of starting a chapter in your area. We'll provide you with a list of alumnae in your area, a complete start-up packet, and put you in touch with your Alumnae Chapter Administrator, who can assist you in getting a new chapter off the ground.

2)      Send out an email to find out if other alumnae are interesting in forming a chapter. Enlist several local members to assist you in getting things started.

3)      Plan a kick-off event. Pick a centrally located place that is big enough to fit everyone but casual so everyone will be comfortable.

4)      Send out a postal communication announcing your first official meeting at least month in advance.

5)      At the event, decide on a handful of upcoming events and work towards signing your petition and developing bylaws so you can receive your charter.

Alumnae Chapter

Alumnae chapters provide an instant network of friendship and support, no matter where life takes you. They foster social relations and provide a personal support structure for friendship, social activities, networking and personal development. Members are connected by a geographical region, regardless of their collegiate chapter affiliation. 

Traditional alumnae chapters connect women of all ages where Ivy Connection chapters connect members who are generally between the ages of 21 and 31.

Ivy Connection Chapters

An ivy connection is designed to offer a bridge from the collegiate experience into alumnae life. The ivy connection provides a mechanism for young alumnae to meet socially and offers opportunities for personal and professional networking. It is targeted towards Alpha Phis who have been out of college 10 years or less. The goal of an ivy connection is to promote programming that will cater to this age group. Ivy connection activities and schedules are very flexible, depending on each group's needs, thus making this type of organization a very appealing opportunity for younger alumnae!


Email to get started on your new alumnae chapter or ivy connection.