Alumnae Connection and Involvement

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How to be a Chapter Leadership Development (CLD) facilitator:

To facilitate for CLD, please contact Stefania Rudd at or (847) 316-8933.  She will explain the program to you as well as answer any questions you may have.  She is always looking for new women to volunteer in this role.

How to be an Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI) facilitator:

 There is an application process to become a facilitator for the Emerging Leaders Institute. The primary skills and competencies Alpha Phi is looking for in a facilitator are:

• Skilled at active listening, paraphrasing, questioning and summarizing key points

• Able to ask probing questions that challenge their own and others' assumptions in a non-threatening way
• Familiar with basic tools of systematic problem solving, brainstorming, and force-field analysis

• Armed with techniques for getting active participation and generating ideas

• Able to manage time and maintain a good pace

• Able to manage conflict between participants and remain composed

• Able to make quick and effective interventions

• Able to stop the action and check on how things are going

• Skilled at achieving consensus and gaining closure

• Skilled at using feedback processes. Able to hear and accept personal feedback

• Keep clear and accurate notes that reflect what participants have said

• Able to manage meetings in an orderly and effective manner

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How to Support the Leadership Initiative:
The Alpha Phi Foundation is proud to fund Alpha Phi's Leadership Initiative through an educational grant. Many generous Foundation donors make gifts that go directly towards funding this innovative leadership program. If you're interested in making an impact with a gift to the Foundation's Leadership Initiative fund, email