Dr. Genevieve Evans Taylor

Dr. Genevieve Evans Taylor (Psi-South Dakota) currently serves as the Chief of Staff to the President at CSU Channel Islands. Within this role, Genevieve researches key policy/program matters for use by the President and oversees the Institutional Effectiveness Office. Genevieve has extensive leadership curriculum development and facilitation experience and her area of greatest interest is women's leadership development. Genevieve is the lead writer and facilitator for the Alpha Phi International Headquarters Emerging Leaders Institute and Leadership Fellows Program. Genevieve also serves as the Curriculum Co-Chair for the Ventura County Leadership Academy, where she is responsible for the leadership curriculum development, writing and presentations. In addition, Genevieve has served as a keynote speaker at the Leader Training for Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast and the Youth Congress Leadership Program.

Prior to CSU Channel Islands, Genevieve worked at the University of South Dakota overseeing the campus Student Union, student activities office, and fraternity/sorority affairs. Genevieve lives in Camarillo, California with her husband, Curtis (artist, author and certified cicerone) and two active children, Sophie (band, swim team and Girl Scouts) and Evan (soccer, swim team and Minecraft).