Alumnae Chapter Administrator

Title:                                       Alumnae Chapter Administrator

Department:                         Territory and Alumnae Membership Department

Reports to:                            Alumnae Engagement Manager


Position Summary:

The role of Alumnae Chapter Administrator (ACA) is responsible for encouraging maximum growth and long-term success of the alumnae chapters in her assigned area.  She will assist the alumnae presidents in increasing chapter recruitment/retention and assist the Alumnae Membership Department in defining, creating and delivering programs and services to assigned alumnae chapters.

Key Job Elements:

Primary Accountabilities

  • Serve as primary contact for Alumnae Chapter Presidents in assigned area.
  • Assist alumnae chapters in increasing alumnae connections to ensure prosperous alumnae involvement in Alpha Phi.
  • Assist alumnae chapter in increasing chapter recruitment/retention; provide guidance and programming for the long-term success of the alumnae chapter.
  • Complete Executive Summary reports with Alumnae Chapter Presidents one time per year to monitor the overall health and status of the alumnae chapter.
  • Maintain strong collaborative relationship with Collegiate Chapter Administrators assigned to collegiate chapters that are natural partners with assigned alumnae chapters.
  • Support new alumnae chapter start-up efforts.
  • Work with Alumnae Engagement Team (AET) to strengthen new areas of alumnae engagement in assigned area.
  • Participate in and lead meetings via conference call technology including calls with AET (every other month) and Alumnae Department staff (monthly).
  • Work with the Resource Team leads to support territory efforts in training, volunteer recruitment and event planning. 
  • Assist with creation and presentation of training modules as requested.
  • Support and attend special events held in quadrant, as requested.
  • Support alumnae touch point communications; assist efforts to utilize social media applications in a creative way to facilitate communication with alumnae in the quadrant/territory.
  • Encourage volunteerism by helping to identify and recommend candidate for Alpha Phi involvement through use of the PHI Form and by direct communication with those seeking volunteers.
  • Cultivate relationships with individual alumnae, collect contact information and find lost alumnae.
  • Encourage payment of Fraternity alumnae dues and gifts to the Foundation.

Position Specifications:


  • Demonstrated commitment to the purpose and values of Alpha Phi
  • Alpha Phi leadership/advisory experience
  • Experience leading volunteers in other profession/voluntary organizations.          
  • Alumnae Chapter membership


  • Alpha Phi International Policies & Procedures
  • Alpha Phi online resources, including "Members Only" and social media platforms
  • Alpha Phi Foundation knowledge and experience
  • Alumnae Chapter Health Indicators


Other Skills

  • Strong computer skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Project management and organizational skills
  • Flexible, proactive, and self-directed but also able to work well in a team


Length of term

  • Two year term begins spring of non-Convention year



  • Estimated time commitment of 10-12 hours per month; total time may range dependent on territory size.
  • Must be member in good standing as defined by the Fraternity's Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Support the Alpha Phi Foundation with an annual tax-deductible gift as you are able.
  • Attend Alumnae Engagement training and participate in writing/presenting modules of this training, when asked.