Alumnae Membership Coordinator

Job Title:                        Alumnae Membership Coordinator

Reports to:                  Director of Alumnae Membership

Status:                        Volunteer - Part-time

Location:                    Remote, in region of responsibility

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Position Summary:

The role of the Alumnae Membership Coordinator (AMC) is to coordinate all alumnae outreach for the region that promotes lifetime engagement in Alpha Phi.  She is also responsible for encouraging maximum growth and long-term success of the alumnae chapters in her region.  Assists region's alumnae presidents in increasing chapter recruitment/retention and supports area alumnae as needed.  Assists the Director of Alumnae Membership in defining, creating, and delivering programs and services to alumnae and alumnae chapters in the region.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Lead regional engagement efforts for alumnae throughout region.  Connect alumnae back to Alpha Phi International, cultivate relationships, collect current contact information, find lost alumnae, etc. 
  • Communicate with all alumnae in region at least twice a year. 
  • Cooperate with the Regional Team in building solid alumnae/collegiate relationships in the region.
  • Engage with recent graduates and serve as an advocate for opportunities in Alpha Phi following graduation. 
  • Encourage volunteerism by helping to identify and recommend candidates to HRCs for local, regional and international volunteer opportunities. 
  • Utilize social media applications in a creative way to facilitate communication with alumnae throughout region. 
  • Encourage and support International alumnae dues solicitation efforts and Foundation education. 
  • Monitor and recruit delegates for local Alumnae Panhellenic groups.
  • Assist in organizing new alumnae connections to ensure prosperous alumnae involvement for Fraternity. 
  • Assist alumnae chapters in increasing chapter recruitment/retention; provide guidance and programming for the long-term success of alumnae chapters. 
  • Complete Executive Summary reports with Alumnae Chapter Presidents in region one time per year to gauge overall health and status of chapter. 
  • Partners with Alumnae Department Staff and Regional Manager to plan and staff special alumnae events such as Founders' Day celebrations or programs for Regional Conferences and Convention, as requested. 
  • Partners with the Director of Alumnae Membership in establishing measurable annual goals for term and participates in annual performance evaluation review. 
  • Participates in the monthly AMC and Regional Team conference calls. 
  • Work with Alumnae Department to recruit, train and work with specialists as needed.



  • Alumnae chapter or other Alpha Phi leadership/advisory experience
  • Work or other experience working with volunteers in a leadership role
  • Alumnae Chapter membership



  • Alpha Phi International Policies & Procedures
  • Alumnae Chapter Health Indicators
  • Alpha Phi online resources, including "Members Only" and social media applications
  • Alumnae chapter operations
  • Alpha Phi Foundation knowledge and experience


Other Skills/Abilities:

  • Strong computer skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Project management and organizational skills
  • Flexible, proactive, and self directed but also able to work well in a team



  • Estimated time commitment of 10 to 12 hours per month for AMC responsibilities; total time may range dependent on region size and additional obligations within the regional team framework.
  • Must be member in good standing as defined by the Fraternity's Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Support the Alpha Phi Foundation with an annual tax-deductible gift as you are able.
  • If requested to represent region as Convention delegate, pay a small portion of individual Convention expenses.  


Application process is now closed for 2012 appointments; positions will open for 2014-16 term February 2014.