Mentor Program

2011-2012 Mentor Program
The Alpha Phi Mentor Program seeks to connect collegiate members with alumnae members who will serve as informal advisors to our younger members as they near graduation and transition into life after college.
We will assist Alpha Phi collegians who are attending school in Pacific Northwest and Northeast region, and are in their junior year, with finding an alumna mentor who may be able to provide career guidance, networking opportunities, education advice and general professional mentoring.  
The goal of this program is to provide an additional resource for our newest graduates; an Alpha Phi mentor who will support and guide them through the challenges they face as their collegiate experience comes to an end, and will provide advice on finding fulfilling and exciting internship opportunities and/or employment after graduation.

Mentor handbook
Mentoring Agreement
Our Mentoring Plan


A mentee is a collegian in her junior year who wants to connect with an alumna member to help further her career and facilitate networking opportunities. Mentees must be willing to commit to the Mentor Program for up to 18 months or until graduation.

It will be the mentee's responsibility to arrange the initial phone call or in-person meeting, if both members are in the same geographical area. The mentee and mentor will then make a plan and create a schedule to talk either via phone, email, Skype, etc. on regular basis, ideally connecting at least once every four weeks.

Application deadline has passed.

A mentor is an alumna member who enjoys her job and values her membership with Alpha Phi; someone who is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide guidance and support to a collegiate member.  Mentors will need to be accessible via phone, email, Skype, Facebook or other social networking sites.

A mentor's responsibilities will include providing her mentee with career advice and support on other issues, and a commitment to meet or talk with her mentee during agreed upon times.  A mentor should be active in her career field and willing to commit up to 18 months or until her mentee graduates, to ensure a meaningful mentorship.
Application deadline has passed.

This program is currently only being piloted in the Pacific Northwest and Northeast Region.  If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Paige Stallings at