Collegiate Chapter Alumnae Listing Request

Collegian officers can pull listings through Officer Portal. Officers can access Officer Portal through the Alpha Phi website's Tools page. To login to Officer Portal, officers can use the same login credentials used to get into the Alpha Phi website.

Once inside Officer Portal, click the 'Listings' icon on the left side of the Officer Portal home page.

Within the 'Listings' section you will have access to various listing types including:
  • Chapter Alumnae Listing
    • This listing shows all the members (except those who resigned or had their membership terminated) who initiated at your chapter.
    • It will only pull people who have a valid postal address in our database.
  • Chapter Roster
    • This listing shows all of you current collegiate chapter members.
  • Local Alumnae Listing
    • This listing shows all alumnae (from every Alpha Phi chapter) who live within a certain number of miles from the chapter.
    • This report has 5 versions - each is a different mile radius for your convenience.

Please click here to download a how-to document for further instructions.
If you have any other questions please email

*Please keep track of any address updates and email bouncebacks on the listing you receive and submit them to so we can update the Alpha Phi database.