Officer Portal

Officer Portal can be accessed by logging into Alpha Phi's website and navigating to the blue Collegians tab in the Tools envelope.  It will then redirect to Officer Portal and require a username and password.  Alternatively, you can log in directly here.  Members will use the same username and password for Alpha Phi's website and Officer Portal.

Alpha Phi utilizes Officer Portal for:

  • Roster management and reporting.  It is also where new members are entered on the roster.  
  • To provide contact information for chapter members, Advisory Board members, Collegiate Chapter Administrators, Collegiate Chapter Managers, International Governors, and Extension Team Leads. 
  • Access to Listings.  For example, a list of all chapter alumnae, all alumnae who live within a certain number of miles from the chapter, or a chapter roster can be pulled and downloaded into an Excel file.
  • Fact Sheets.  These data sheets display basic information about the chapter, which is often helpful for new volunteers.

Below are several resources to assist you using Officer Portal:

All of these resources can also be accessed in Officer Portal by clicking on the 'Help' icon on the left hand side of the screen.

If you need assistance with Officer Portal please contact and include your name and chapter.