That lasts a lifetime

Alpha Phi allows her members to develop life-long friendships based on mutual support and unconditional love.  Alpha Phis enjoy a sincere sisterhood throughout college and in every stage of their lives. 



Our leaders

Alpha Phi recognizes that leaders do not always have a title or officer position, but they all possess strong character.  In Alpha Phi, all members learn to lead through their actions and communication.  They leave their collegiate experience with unparalleled character development that prepares them for their alumnae lives.  Members continue to develop their character through alumnae events, volunteer activities and serving Alpha Phi.



Hand to hand and heart to heart

Alpha Phi has long understood the value in serving others.  Alpha Phis across North America donate their time, efforts and dollars to assist those less fortunate.  The Alpha Phi is one of the oldest Greek Foundations and works to raise awareness and funds in support of women's heart health. 


The common bond of


Alpha Phi's founders were ten of the first women to enter Syracuse University in 1872.  These women valued their education above societal expectations and shared the desire to acquire knowledge and education. This is a value that all Alpha Phis still share today. 


Genuine support

And life-long LOYALTY

Alpha Phis are members for a lifetime and learn the value of loyalty and being true to Alpha Phi's ideals.   Members continue to be devoted, connected sisters throughout college and beyond. 


Boundless LOVE for

one another and community

The bonds of sisterhood instill in each Alpha Phi the value of love and true sincerity.  Alpha Phis share a passion for caring for one another and their surrounding communities.


Of Our Founders

Since her inception, Alpha Phi has been a leader in the Greek community, largely due to her emphasis on innovative improvement. Alpha Phi's founders encouraged one another to think, invent and improve.  This pioneering spirit can be seen throughout Alpha Phi history and today, in our founding, our developing new chapters and in celebrating one of the many Alpha Phi firsts.



for Others

Alpha Phis grow and learn from those around us.  Members are encouraged to mentor, partner with and learn from fellow sisters to help future Alpha Phis grow - in effect strengthening our sisterhood.