Executive Office Directory

Alpha Phi values the involvement of the friends and family of Alpha Phi members.  However, on matters of membership status, discipline, financial issues, and housing contract information, we may only provide details to the collegian in order to resolve the situation and maintain a member's right to privacy.  Our discipline processes are confidential and require direct contact with the Alpha Phi member.  Thank you for respecting the privacy of status decisions. 

24x7 Executive Office Emergency Line:  847.316.8942

For use by chapter advisors, chapter officers and CCAs/IGs/ETLs to report and receive executive office assistance with emergency situations at our collegiate chapters. 

Executive Director

Linda Kahangi

  • Media Inquiries
  • Alumnae Engagement Manager (AEM) and Collegiate Chapter Manager (CCM) Questions
  • International Executive Board
  • National Housing Corporation Board

Director, Collegiate Extension

Megan Bouché

  • Extension Opportunities, Inquiries and Activities
  • Colonies and New Collegiate Chapters  
  • Extension Team Lead Questions
  • University Relations (Extension and non-Alpha Phi campuses)
  • International Extension Committee

Program Manager, New Chapter Development

Katie Madden

  • New Chapter and Colony Infrastructure 
  • Resources for New Chapters and Colonies 

Program Coordinator, Collegiate Extension
Kaeley Jones
  • Colony and New Chapter Recruitment and Marketing 
  • Colony and New Chapter Recommendation Information
  • Collegiate VP Campus Affairs Questions  

Director, Collegiate Housing

Tonya Ryan

  • Purchase, Inspection, and Zoning of New Alpha Phi Facilities
  • Design and Development of New Alpha Phi Facilities
  • Start-up of New Facilities

Program Manager, Collegiate Housing
Crista Kieffer
  • CCA Housing Related Questions and Issues
  • House Corporation Board and Chapter Property Committee Operational Questions and Issues
  • Housing Reports, Trends and Statistics
  • Training and Recruiting House Corporation Board Personnel
  • Corporate Structure, Bylaws and Compliance
  • Contracts and Member Agreements
  • Collegiate Director of Chapter Facilities Questions
Program Coordinator, Chapter House Design
  • Interior Design for Chapter Facilities
  • Furniture Resources and Ordering for Commercial Grade Frames and Fabrics
  • Consultation on Appropriate Commercial-grade Flooring and Finishes 
Director, Collegiate Recruitment
  • International Governor and CCA Support 
  • International Collegiate Chapter Strategy Committee (CCSC)
  • Changes in Campus Total, Panhellenic / NPC Questions and Voting Guidance
  • Panhellenic Recruitment Questions or Infractions (calls from both universities and chapters)
  • Recruitment Reports and Statistics
  • University Relations
  • Legacy phone calls

Program Manager, Collegiate Recruitment

Courtney Schultz

  • CCA, IG, Recruitment Advisor or VPMR Support
  • Legacy and Recommendation Information
  • Recruitment Resources and Tools (PhiSelect, et al)  

Manager, Collegiate Recruitment

Emily Coulouras

  • ELC Program (recruiting, selection, training)
  • ELC Visit Requests and Schedule
  • ELC Reports

Program Coordinator, Collegiate Recruitment

Dakotah Lindsay

  • Collegiate Chapter Recruitment Questions
  • Recruitment Communications
  • Non-RFM Chapter Support
  • Recruitment Resources and Tools 

Director, Finance

Cathy Koessl

  • Alpha Phi International Dues and Fees
  • Insurance Invoices
  • Tax Filing / Compliance
  • Accounts Payable
  • Loan Applications, Processing and Documentation
  • International Finance and Audit Committee (FSC)

Manager, Administrative Services

Carol Sellards

  • Leased facilities (ELC apartments, etc.)
  • Basecamp Questions and Password Inquiries
  • Constitution Committee and Committee on Leadership (COL)

Program Manager, Collegiate Finance

Kary Huffman

  • Billhighway
  • Collegiate Chapter Member Billing
  • Collegiate Chapter Budget Preparation
  • Chapter Dues and Fees
  • Collegiate Chapter Member Delinquency Process
  • Financial Specialists
  • Collegiate Director of Finance Questions

Coordinator, Events and Administrative Services

Cassandra Ryan

  • Chapter Supply Orders  
  • Executive Office Tours and Events
  • Little Dipper Program 
  • Ordering Alpha Phi Membership Badges and Certificates
  • Ordering 10-, 25-, 40-, 50-, 65-, 75-Year Anniversary Pins and Certificates
  • General Inquiries / Referral to the Correct Department

Director, Member Engagement and Marketing

Melissa Kiser

  • Alpha Phi Trademarks, Branding and Visual Standards
  • Alumnae Dues Program
  • Product Licensing and Marketing
  • Fraternity-wide Communications
  • Public Relations / Press Releases
  • Alpha Phi Travel Program
  • Collegiate and Alumnae Newsletters
  • Alpha Phi Social Media
Quarterly, Editor-in-Chief
This position is currently unfilled.  Please contact Melissa Kiser for assistance with the following:
  • Alpha Phi Quarterly
  • Advertising Sales 
  • Quarterly Internship Program
  • Stock Photography

Program Manager, Marketing and Design

Jennifer White

  • Collegiate Chapter Marketing Resources
  • Alpha Phi Website 
  • Collegiate VPM and Director of Advertising Questions
  • Graphic Design and Video Production
  • Communications Internship Program

Director, Operations

J.D. Louk

  • Emergency Response
  • Investigation of Incidents
  • Collegiate Chapter Status and Discipline
  • Collegiate and Alumnae Member Status and Discipline 
  • University Relations (current chapters, non-recruitment related)
  • Operational / Policy Questions from Parents, Volunteers, Advisors and Members
  • Operational Issue Mediation
  • Advisor Reporting and Compliance
  • NPC's Something of Value

Program Coordinator, Membership Services

Beckie Eilers

  • Collegiate and Alumnae Member Resignations and Terminations
  • Chapter Roster Management
  • Reinstatement of Collegiate and Alumnae Members
  • Collegiate Transfer / Affiliation Process and Inquiries
  • Associate Member Status 
  • Risk Management Specialists
  • Collegiate Chapter Academic Reporting and Metrics
  • Collegiate Director of Administration Questions
  • General Inquiries about Officer Portal

Director, Training and Development

Denise Reens

  • Alpha Phi Biennial Convention
  • Leadership Conferences  
  • Award Programs
  • Membership Confirmations
  • International Alumnae Strategy Team (AST)

Manager, Collegiate Chapter Development

Heather Scheuer

  • Completion of Probation Terms and Action Steps
  • Judiciary Board Specialists and Questions
  • Collegiate Chapter Governing Documents and Bylaws
  • Collegiate Chapter Metrics and Compliance
  • Officer Portal and Chapter Reports
  • Officer Transition 
  • Officer Manual and Resource Questions  
  • Collegiate Chapter President, VPRM and VPCO Questions
  • Patriot Member Database and Member Address Updates
  • Main Contact for Patriot and Officer Portal Questions 
  • Permanent (alumnae.alphaphi.org) and Chapter (iotanu.alphaphi.org) Email

Program Manager, Alumnae Chapter Development
This position is currently unfilled.  Please contact Denise Reens for assistance with any of the following:

  • Alumnae Reunions and Collegiate Chapter Anniversaries
  • Starting and Chartering a New Alumnae Chapter
  • Alumnae Chapter Revitalization
  • Alumnae Chapter Founders' Day Events
  • Transitions Website/Newsletters
  • Alumnae Chapter Operations and Officer Questions
  • Collegiate Director of Alumnae Relations Questions
  • Alumnae Volunteer Structure; including Alumnae Chapter Administrator, Alumnae Panhellenic Administrator, and Alumnae Affinity Administrator Questions
  • Alumnae Dues Payments and Confirmations
  • Alumnae and Collegiate Chapter Listing Requests
  • Member Records in Patriot 
  • General Inquiries from Alumnae
  • General Inquiries about Updating Member Contact Information 

Program Manager, Member Development

Stefania Rudd

  • Leadership Initiatives, including ELI and CLD Programs
  • New Member Program
  • Collegiate VPPE Questions
  • Ritual and Ceremonies
  • Alumnae Initiations
  • Senior Ceremony
  • Collegiate Director of New Member Education and Director of Ceremonies Questions

Program Manager, Volunteer Development

Jennifer Frobish

  • Volunteer Opportunities and Placement
  • PHI Forms
  • Volunteer Onboarding, Training and Resources
  • Volunteer Directory / Contact Information
  • Volunteer Recognition and Awards
  • Volunteer Questions / Referral to Correct Department
  • Advisor Academy