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Alpha Phi Online and Social Media Guidelines

All Alpha Phi chapter websites and social media sites should:

1. Provide accurate and current information on the chapter 

2. Include the name and e-mail address of a contact person

3. Include general information about Alpha Phi

4. Reflect a positive image of Greek life

5. Link to the Alpha Phi International site

6. Utilize the Alpha Phi brand and follow the style guide

7. Not include references to alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs. This includes those in party photos, T-shirts, event names or beverage containers.

8. Not include links to commercial sites or other organizations not directly associated with Alpha Phi or NPC (unless approved by Alpha Phi International).

9. Not include endorsements for products (unless approved by Alpha Phi International).

10. Not include product advertisements (unless  approved by Alpha Phi International).

11. Not include Personal member information (i.e. name, phone number) without her written consent.

12. Not include information that can jeopardize the safety of any chapter members.

13. Not include private chapter or Fraternity business.

14. Not include information on Alpha Phi rituals or ceremonies, including photographs of

15. Not include copyrighted material from other sources or trademarks owned by third parties unless authorization has been obtained.

I verify that the sites I supply Alpha Phi International Fraternity comply with the above guidelines

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