Review of Important Terms

Mission Statement
Alpha Phi Fraternity strives to provide safe, quality living environments that promote academic excellence and individual and chapter success. We are committed to fiscal responsibility, operating with integrity, honoring tradition, and demonstrating mutual respect in order to be the premier facility on each campus.

Review of Sample Contract Important Terms

Insurance Related

  • HCB is not responsible for physical damage to personal property, including automobiles
  • HCB is not responsible for bodily injury to a resident member
  • HCB is only obligated to find COMPARABLE housing should there be a property loss

General Terms

  • Description of House Corporation Purpose
  • Reference to Standing Rule, Section 3, Chapter Facility Requirements
  • Address member status and right to occupy the house (Paragraph 6, 7, & 10 of HCB/Member and Chapter/Member Agreements)
  • Signature of Guarantor (guardian/parent), responsible for payment if 30 days overdue.

Obtain Legal Council regarding the following Terms

  • Use the term "Member" NOT "Student" or "Tenant" unless required by law
  • What are the security deposit laws in your state?
  • Are sororities exempt from eviction laws in your state?