Roster Management


Roster Management Forms are now completed on Officer Portal!

When reviewing the chapter's roster, be sure to have Officer Portal open and ready to go to complete the necessary forms!  Please see the Chapter Operations Manual for more information regarding membership status types and roster management. The Executive Office accepts all Roster Management Forms through Officer Portal. The paper forms provided below can be utilized during one-on-one meetings with members, and can then be uploaded as proof or supporting documentation.   


Membership Status Change Forms-Chapter President, VPCO, Director of Administration

Affiliation Forms-Chapter President, VPCO, Director of Administration

Graduation Date Change Forms- Chapter President, VPCO, Director of Administration

Initiated Member Resignation - Chapter President

New Member Resignation-Chapter President, VPPE, Director of New Member Education
Request for Termination: Cause/Standing Rule - Chapter President, VPRM
Request for Termination: Financial Reasons: Chapter President, VPCO, Director of Finance


**ACCESS Officer Portal view**

Member Resignations

New Members  - A New Member may resign her uninitiated membership at any point in time. She should submit a letter of explanation to the Chapter President and return her New Member pin to the chapter. The Chapter President should submit the New Member Resignation Form in Officer Portal.

Initiated Members -  A collegiate member who no longer wishes to accept the privileges and responsibilities of Fraternity membership may resign her membership. Supporting documentation must be provided within the form:

  • An email from the member's college/university address or preferred address in which the member indicates her intent to resign
  • A text message indicating her intent to resign
  • A written letter indicating her intent to resign
  • Or, a completed Resignation Form

Request for Termination Form

Other Membership Status Updates

Quick Tip: The Membership Status Change form is used to REMOVE members, the Affiliation Form is used to ADD members

Membership Status Change Form: Chapter Presidents must submit this form using Officer Portal. After the Chapter President completes the form, the Chapter Advisor must login to approve it. Once this form is approved members will be removed from the chapter's official roster. This form can be used when a member is:

  • Leaving school permanently
  • Leaving school temporarily
  • Dropping below "full-time" student status as defined by Chapter bylaws and University
  • Transferring to another school/university
  • Traveling abroad for more than 1 year
  • Getting married
  • Graduating early

Affiliation Form: Chapter Presidents and Chapter Advisors of affiliate schools/university should access the above form through Officer Portal. This form is used when a member has transferred from a different school/university and wants to affiliate with your chapter, or when a member is returning to your chapter and is re-affiliating. Once this form is completed, the member will be added to the chapter's official roster.

Affiliation Service