That lasts a lifetime

Alpha Phis cherish life-long friendships rooted in kindness, love and respect for one another. We believe in the concept of Watchcare - a tenet of our sisterhood which encourages support of one another through the good times and the bad, whether helping one another with academics or providing much needed support during a rough time.


The common bond of


Alpha Phi values each member's passion for education, knowledge and achievement. Our founders were ten of the first twenty women admitted to Syracuse University in 1872 and they had the courage to persevere to earn a college education despite societal expectations at the time.


Hand to hand and heart to heart

Alpha Phi supports those in need through service and philanthropy. Alpha Phis share a passion for helping one another and their surrounding communities. Alpha Phi Foundation is one of the oldest Greek foundations and works to raise awareness and funds in support of women's heart health. 




Alpha Phis lead by example and strive for continuous, innovative improvement. Since her inception, Alpha Phi has been a leader in the Greek community. Alpha Phi's founders encouraged one another to think, invent and improve. This pioneering spirit can be seen throughout Alpha Phi history and today - in our founding, our development of new chapters and our willingness to be an innovator as exemplified by our many "firsts".

The bond of


Alpha Phis are members for a lifetime. We learn the value of loyalty and being true to each other and to our common ideals. Members continue to be devoted and connected sisters throughout college and beyond. They believe in stewardship and paying it forward such that those that come after them benefit from their legacy and the difference they made.


High expectations for


Alpha Phi fosters the qualities of strong character that distinguish our members and our sisterhood, including compassion, integrity and sincerity. In Alpha Phi, all members learn to lead by example through their actions and communication. They set expectations high for themselves and each other, and strive diligently to meet them.