Info for Quarterly Correspondents

Does your chapter send reports and/or photos to the Quarterly regularly?

Below are materials to help your chapter's Quarterly correspondent submit reports for the On Campus or Alumnae Pride section of the Alpha Phi Quarterly, including online submission forms.


Important information regarding deadlines

Deadlines for upcoming issues are printed on the inside front cover of every magazine. In addition, reminders are e-mailed to chapter presidents before each deadline. Please keep in mind that the deadline for an issue is three months in advance. Information you submit in October, for example, will be included in the winter issue, which mails in mid-January.


Quarterly Issue        Copy/Photos Due        Quarterly Issue Mails
Winter Issue              Oct. 15*                         Mid-January
Spring Issue              Jan. 15*                         Mid-April
Summer Issue           April 15*                        Mid-July
Fall Issue                  July 15*                          Mid-October
*Chapter reports/announcements received after the copy deadline may be considered for use in the following issue, space permitting.

Please direct questions regarding the Quarterly to