Always Alpha Phi

Has your alumnae chapter been recognized in the Alpha Phi Quarterly lately? 

Please take a moment to read this page before submitting your chapter's alumnae chapter update for the "Always Alpha Phi" section.

If you need further assistance, please refer to our Quarterly Editorial Style Guide.

What Information Should I Provide? 
Promote your alumnae chapter's (and individual members') accomplishments!

In addition to accomplishments, we want to hear about recent activities...
  • sisters celebrating milestone membership anniversaries 
  • chapter anniversary celebrations 
  • events with collegiate chapters
  • individual award recipients
  • alumnae initiation

* Keep in the mind the following timeline when submitting copy:

Quarterly Issue   Copy/Photos Due Quarterly Issue Mails
Winter Issue   Oct. 15 Mid-January
Spring Issue   Jan. 15 Mid-April
Summer Issue   April 15 Mid-July
Fall Issue   July 15 Mid-October

Tips / Guidelines
  • Write in third person: "they" rather than "we."
  • Use the term collegian or collegiate member rather than collegiate when referring to Alpha Phi collegians. Use the term alumna or alumnae rather than alum/alumnus/alumni when referring to Alpha Phi alumnae.
  • Reference collegiate chapters in the following format: 
  • School (Chapter); e.g., Alumnae members attended the Syracuse (Alpha) Red Dress Gala.
  • Reference member names in the following format: First Maiden Last (Chapter-School); e.g., Sisters honored Martha Foote Crow (Alpha-Syracuse) during the ceremony.

Alumnae Chapter Update Submission Form
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