Kara Keigan

After studying at the London College of Fashion during summer 2014, Kara — a textiles and apparel major — returned to campus and put her talent to work. She developed Uprising magazine, the university's first print magazine, covering progressive fashion, art, music and culture. In her role as founder and editor-in-chief, Kara has recruited a group of talented student designers, photographers, musicians and artists to showcase their abilities and provide them with hands-on experience in the publishing industry. 

Major: Textiles and apparel 

What was your favorite part of attending the London College of Fashion? Constantly being surrounded by people, buildings, art and culture that inspired me.

You started the first print magazine, Uprising magazine, on Northern Iowa's campus. Where did the idea come from? My brother had actually done something similar on his campus, and after London I realized that's where my passion was. I came back more motivated to be able to spend time doing that in Iowa, too.

What content does Uprising magazine cover?  Uprising focuses on fashion, art, music and culture. Overall we want it to be a progressive magazine that highlights underground happenings in our area while inspiring our readers.

What's one spring fashion trend you're really excited about? I'm really excited about the return of '70s fashion trends!

What's the first website you visit in the morning? After checking my email and social media, I usually read articles from Cosmopolitan, ELLE, the Associated Press, and then I check out some of my favorite bloggers: tropouge.com, mstrofdisguise.com, and le-happy.com

What are your favorite fashion magazines? Nylon, i-D, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, and of course, Vogue.

Who is your style icon? Cara and Poppy Delevingne! 

What's your favorite college course you've taken and why? Costume History. I learned about every trend starting in the 1800s and how what was happening around the world affected those trends.

What advice do you have for collegians wanting to start a business, program or magazine on their campus?  All it takes is one small step or one small group of people to get things rolling! I started with three friends and by simply filling out a form online.

What are your goals after graduating? Moving out to New York City as soon as I can!!