Alumnae Chapter Newsletters

Is your alumnae chapter looking for some new ideas for your newsletter? Take a look at some examples and ideas below from other alumnae chapters! Also, please share any ideas or suggestions that you have! 

Alumnae Chapter Newsletter Examples 

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Tips for Alumnae Chapter Newsletters from ACPs

From the Wichita Alumnae Chapter:
  • Put a little bit in for everyone - different ages and stages, different chapters, different interests.

  • Top hits are always news about local alumnae (weddings, engagements, family deaths, awards, achievements, new businesses, and silent chapter notifications), photos of alumnae events, and news about the local collegiate chapter, if you have one.

  • Front and center (and top of the page) is always the upcoming alumnae chapter events.

  • Photos of events are always a big draw, so I usually put those at the bottom to try to get people to read through the rest of the newsletter - especially if there's something less "interesting" that I want them to see in between the event and the photos!

  • Other things we include in PhiGrams are Wichita Alumnae Panhellenic news, Alpha Phi Foundation news, and Alpha Phi Executive office news.  I often pull information from Alpha Phi Facebook pages or emails to pass along - because not all alumnae who receive this email are on Facebook, and even if they received the EO email, it never hurts to repeat good news!

  • At the bottom of every PhiGram there are instructions for signing up for our website and a request to send any information/updates to me that they would like to have shared with their sisters.  You might think they would get stale after a while, but almost every week there is someone new who signs up for the website the day after the PhiGram goes out.

  • There are the standard links to our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Instagram is coming soon!

From the Tampa Bay Alumnae Chapter:
  • My primary goal has been to attract new members from local alums who have never attended or have stopped coming. So far it is working, we increased dues paid members this year.
  • I know there is the "parade passing you by" concept - which is fear of being left out of a good time everyone else is having. So I include photos of the group having fun at events + helps show non-members what we look like (non-threatening!!). 
  • Our newsletters are focused on showing the group having fun at events, success in our fundraisers (chapter + National) and FL college chapter support (to attract younger alums). 
From the Central Iowa Alumnae Chapter:
  • Our main form is email but if someone has reached out to us to let us know that they don't utilized email we also drop a copy in the mail to them. 
  • My biggest goal is to keep the amount of emails coming from our chapter to a minimum. I want the newsletter to be utilized so I try to keep mass emails to no more than 2 a month and one of those is the newsletter.  I try to keep a similar format so people know what to expect and aren't searching for things because then I feel like they just ignore it if it is hard to explore. This has become even easier after we began utilizing MailChimp.
  • Our expectation is that members of exec submit relevant information to me to be included in the newsletter. Our president will make suggestions if it is necessary but really everyone does a nice job of keeping up on including information for their position that is meaningful and informative for our members. We also choose to include information from International as much as possible to try to keep everything organized in one place for our members. 
Do you have any tips or newsletter examples to share with other alumnae chapters? Email them to us!