Alpha Phi Official Songs

Official Songs of Alpha Phi International Fraternity.

Click each link below to listen and download.


1)      Alpha Phi Chant

2)      All I Needed

3)      Alpha Phi Love

4)      Be An Alpha Phi Girl

5)      Time

6)      Green Green

7)      A Phi A Phi

8)      Alpha Phi Round

9)      A Friend

10)   Guiding Star

11)   Alpha Phi Grace

12)   Oh, I Am An Alpha Phi

13)   Alpha Phi Is Ours

14)   How Am I Doing?

15)   Edelweiss (Alpha Phi)

16)   This Pin

17)   Lovely Girl

18)   I Love The Lily

19)   Linger

20)   Alpha Phi (El Shaddai)

21)   Circles

22)   You And I

23)   The Lily

24)   Hello Alpha Phi

25)   Alpha Phi I Love You

26)   Alpha Phi Sweetheart

27)   Alpha Phi Sweetheart Song

28)   Let's Pledge Ourselves Again

29)   Slap! Bang!


These songs are found in the Songs of Alpha Phi/The Classic Collection songbook with CD. To order one for your chapter, please click here.