Legacy and References

Recommending a Legacy or Potential New Member

Any alumnae of Alpha Phi may recommend a potential new member for an Alpha Phi chapter. Our Recommendation Form introduces the potential new member to the chapter and provides the chapter with helpful information about the potential new member during the recruitment process.

The online recommendation form is not currently available and we have been working diligently with an IT company to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and have come up with a temporary solution to help ease the stress of the online process while we wait for the permanent solution.

Although the online recommendation form is down, each chapter's email inbox is still working. Please use this editable PDF of the legacy/recommendation form which can be filled out electronically and emailed to each chapter's recommendation inbox. You will need to attach the PDF form along with any resumes, photos and additional supporting documents when emailing the chapter.

Send emails directly to the chapter's recommendation inbox at: recruitmentrecommendation@chaptername.alphaphi.org. Click here to view a list of all chapter names. 

Example: Syracuse, Alpha chapter's email address is

If you prefer, you can print and mail the editable PDF recommendation to the chapter. You may find the chapter addresses by visiting our Chapter Locator page. You must be logged in as a member to view the chapter's address on the Chapter Locator page.

Please email fraternity@alphaphi.org if you have questions. We look forward to receiving your recommendations.  

To Submit a Recommendation Form

  1. Download the Recommendation Form.
  2. Fill out the form to the best of your ability and knowledge of the potential new member. You may send additional information such as a resume, photo, etc; however, these are not required.
  3. Save the completed form to your computer.
  4. Email the completed form along with any additional documents you would like to include to the relevant collegiate chapter's email address.

4.  Print and mail the Recommendation Form and any additional documents you would like to include directly to the relevant collegiate chapter. You may find the chapter addresses by visiting our Chapter Locator page.


Thank you for taking the time to recommend a potential new member! Alpha Phi continues to respect the tradition of membership. While we do not guarantee membership to any legacy, we are diligent in ensuring that legacies and references are given extra consideration during the recruitment process.


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Alpha Phi's Legacy Policy

A. Definition

A legacy is any granddaughter, great-granddaughter, daughter, stepdaughter, sister or stepsister of an initiated Alpha Phi member.

B. Invitation

All legacies will receive an invitation to the first invitational round of recruitment on campuses with more than one invitational event.

C. Preference

Any Alpha Phi legacy that accepts Alpha Phi's invitation to a preference party must be placed on the chapter's first bid list.

D. Releasing a Legacy

A chapter must have the approval of the Chapter Advisor or her designee to release a legacy.


Chapter and Alumnae Responsibilities

  • Alumnae recommending Legacies or potential new members have the following responsibilities:
  • Fill out the Recommendation Form to the best of her ability providing as much information as possible for the potential new member that is requested on the form
  • Send the chapter the Recommendation Form well in advance of the chapter's recruitment (dates are listed in the Summer Quarterly edition which can be found in the Members Only section)
  • Support the potential new member throughout the recruitment process

While some potential new members may report their Legacy status to the Panhellenic council, it is ultimately up to the alumna member to notify the chapter of a Legacy - not the potential new member or the Panhellenic council.

Chapters receiving Recommendation Forms have the primary responsibility to follow the Legacy Policy as stated above. All chapters are continuously educated on Alpha Phi's Legacy Policy and the value of Legacies.


Contact with the Chapter

We encourage all chapters to notify alumnae when they receive recommendation forms. However, when forms arrive at the chapter right before or during recruitment, the chapter may not have enough time to notify alumnae. 

 Alumnae will not receive any information about the status of any potential new member or information on the membership selection process. All membership selection decisions are strictly confidential at the chapter level and will not be shared with alumnae.