Alumnae Dues


By paying your International Alumnae Dues, including your Founders' Day Pennies (a penny for every year Alpha Phi has been in existence), you are showing your outward commitment to Alpha Phi. Your dues help fund the ongoing programs, products and services that keep Alpha Phi strong such as:

  • Production of 4 issues each year of the award-winning Quarterly magazine
  • Expansion efforts onto new campuses across North America
  • Collegiate and Alumnae chapter development and growth
  • Newsletters to upcoming and recent graduates that help transition them into the "real world"
  • Leadership opportunities to our collegiate members, including the Emerging Leaders Institute, Leadership Conferences, and Leadership Fellows
  • Biennial Convention for both collegiate and alumnae members
  • Ongoing enhancements for
  • Efforts of our hundreds of volunteers at all levels across North America
  • Growth of our presence on multiple social media channels

As a bonus for your support of Alpha Phi, we are pleased to offer you the following benefits for as long as your dues are current:

Alpha Phi International encourages you to annually support your local alumnae chapter. Please note that only International (not local) dues are covered by your payment.

Alpha Phi offers alumnae two different payment options!
  • Select Annual Dues and pay $38.44. This payment includes your dues ($37) and your Founders' Day pennies ($1.44). Your dues will be paid through June 30, 2017.
  • Select Lifetime Dues and pay $450. Your dues and Founders' Day pennies will be paid for the rest of your lifetime. For a complete listing of lifetime dues paying members, click here!

All alumnae who pay their International Alumnae Dues will be afforded equal benefits and privileges regardless of payment option. 

Unsure if you're current in your International alumnae dues?

Email  Please include your first name, maiden name, last name, chapter and graduation year in the body of your message. 

ATTENTION: Fifty-year members of Alpha Phi may choose to pay half of the annual International alumnae dues. If you were initiated in 1966 or earlier, you can pay $19.94.



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